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My last race!

Cross at the Cob, Rhyl CCCross at the Cob, Rhyl CCThankfully the weather was dry, but a little cold for my liking.

The race set off at a fast pace.
I settled in behind second place, where I felt I was in control and hadn't gone into the red. One of the riders got a gap on our group, I was unable to stay with him. THe gap grew to about 30 to 40 seconds I think, and I had to do something. I picked up the pace and tried to get the others to follow so we would could work to close the gap. They didn't follow and I realised I was on my own. I pushed on to see the gap slowly closing.
On the third to last lap I took out a chunk of time and I was about 15 seconds back.

Two laps to go, one lap to go, the gap was shrinking but I wasn't sure if it was fast enough. I gave it my all, coming within a couple of metres from him at the finish line.

I had taken second place which wasn't the end of the world but first would have been nice!
Well done to all and thanks to all the organisers for putting the event on.

Whats new?

Cylco Cross Cylco Cross A second place in the Rhyl CC, Cross at the Cob. A promising ride for myself after bad times with injuries.
One of the rounds of the North West series is coming to the Cob later in the month.

Plans to enter the Welsh Cross Champs down in South Wales, so I better get some more training in before then or I may not come back in one piece!