Mountain biking North Wales

Team Alf Jones Cycles North Wales

Team Alf Jones Cycles, mountain biking sponsorship

Alf Jones Cycles is based in Wrexham.

They specialize in a range of high performance bikes.  They have a wide range of accessories in store.  Cleaning, fixing, clothing, safety and nutritional products are available. 

A high quality repairs service is available for all your mechanical problems from the best mechanics I know.

Still haven't managed to find something they can't fix!

If ever looking for a bike, cycle kit or accessories I personally recommend Alf Jones Cycles.

The staff all ride bikes, are friendly and offer a warm welcome to all.

Their knowledge and expertise in a range of cycling disciplines allows you to find the best product for you at very competitive prices.

Go and have a nose around or visit their website Team ALF Jones Cycles

I guarantee it won't be a wasted trip!   

Alf Jones Cycles offered me mountain biking sponsorship which I accepted and am now receiving a tremendous amount of help from them.